Brent Triplett – (Neebs) is best known for the amazingly tall tree he built in Minecraft. However Brent has known many careers in his life before suckering several friends into creating what is now known as Neebs Gaming. Brent began his work life cleaning tables at a small Italian restaurant where he quickly impressed no one and moved to Florida to study Film and Video. With his new knowledge of communications, Brent moved to Wilmington North Carolina and took the retail business by storm selling sporting goods at minimum wage and then cleaning cars for a rental company. After several years of being kicked out of the movie studios for trespassing someone finally gave Brent a job as a production assistant on a movie called Virus. It was on that movie that Brent would sharpen his skills at picking up lunch for the crew and delivering boxes to the set. Now with a vast understanding of production assistantry, Brent would cross the globe to work for even less money as an immigrant worker in Australia. There he carried rocks, dug ditches, took pictures of KFC signs and even built a road somewhere in Queensland. It may have been here that Brent became a philosopher and developed some of the worlds greatest ideas of happiness and world peace. Realizing that the United States national average of happiness was dropping, Brent quickly returned home bringing joy and a two year adventure leading cross country camping trips for foreign people who wanted to see destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion and the Mystical Museums of Roswell. After years of traveling and crafting his understanding of the world, Brent decided it was time to get serious about becoming an entertainer right after he invented a famous device called a Sextant. As it turns out the Sextant was invented once before in the 1700’s but Brent didn’t know this so it still counts. With a revolutionary invention under his belt Brent and the Neebs Gaming team went on to create the greatest video gam channel ever seen.

Bryan Mahoney -(Simon) was born in a small town in New York in the year 1937.  He was always insecure and seeked attention in any way that he could.  In his early years,  Bryan would throw rocks at the local clergyman and expose himself to elderly women.  Later, when Bryan became a teenager,  he discovered alcohol and it was all downhill from there.  In the attempt to run away from his sordid past, Bryan moved to North Carolina to get a fresh start.  This would end up being the biggest mistake of his already pathetic life.  Within just a few years,  Bryan was cavorting with individuals such as  Brent Triplett  and Nate Panning.  A few years after that,  just when Bryan didn’t think it could get any worse,  Appsro and Thick came into the picture.  Since these hoodlums have gotten together, everything has gone to hell!  May God have mercy on our souls.

Nate Panning – (Doraleous)  came from a rough childhood full of sports, a great family, and great friends in a middle class small town in Minnesota. He decided to turn it all around by becoming a U.S. marine just out of high school. When his 4 years of service were up its almost as if the film industry fell into his lap. He did stunts for 8 years and made many short comedy films with Brent. From there he started to do lighting until he switched over to the sound department and ended up being one of the best boom operators in the southeast in addition to landing acting roles on several films and T.V. shows.  And then, right when everything was looking so good he threw it all away to work full time with these losers on cartoons and video game shit.

Tony Schnur – (Thick44) is a science experiment gone terribly wrong. Years ago doctors in Cleveland thought they could create a genetically perfect being. Turns out their calculations were wrong and they weren’t actually doctors at all. Despite the “accident”, Tony was able to start a  career as a voice-over artist and quickly transitioned into on-camera roles, with such major television credits as Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill and Under the Dome. Most notably, Tony is the voice of the Recon character in the animated series Battlefield Friends and community manager for Neebs Gaming.

Jon Etheridge –  (Appsro/JonnyEthco) started producing short animated cartoons on the internet in 2008.  His crass, vulgar, and sometimes raunchy sensibilities led him to create early web hits such as “Mad Mad Mario” and “Prostitute Mickey” on his personal youtube channel, “JonnyEthco”.  Since then he has been a writer, voice actor, artist, animator and producer on several animated web series and works regularly with Neebs Gaming.